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About JoomlaFunding team, goals, mission and vision

About Us

JoomlaFunding was created to help people to realize their ideas.

Often, the Joomla! fans occur brilliant ideas. They enthused and energizes them. This energy stems from a strong passion for creating innovative things.

But to be completed an idea successfully, is required to hard work, persistence, pushing and funding.

The purpose of this site is to help the funding and the pushing.


JoomlaFunding is leading platform for collective fundraising, which helps many innovators to realize their ideas and share them with all Joomla! fans.


JoomlaFunding presents brilliant ideas powered by Joomla. It helps with funding and successful realization of these projects. It is a source of many valuable projects that are available for all people around the world.

About us

JoomlaFunding is a platform for collective fundraising, which is used as a help for realization creative Joomla! projects.

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