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Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency

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About me and my plans

My name is Todor Iliev and I am a founder of ITPrism.

I started developing extensions seven years ago. Then I learned about Joomla! for the first time and was fascinated by it.

By developing applications, I want to transform Joomla! in a great and useful platform for many people. I want to make it an indispensable tool for content distribution, business, e-commerce, marketing, social networking, ...

Over the years, I have developed many extensions, and I proved what I am able to do high-quality, safe and useful extensions. Now I am planning to develop a number of applications that will make Joomla one of the most valuable CMS platforms in the world.

But I need your help. I will be glad if you help me to make my dreams come true.

What I need and what you will get?

I need 1,000 which I will use to cover costs during Virtual Currency development stage. I will use the amount to pay for hosting, SSL certificates. I will hire a designer and consultants which will help me to complete the extension.

The extension will be open source and will remain completely free. Furthermore, you will get the design and all resources, for which I will pay.

Besides the virtual currency platform, you will get some rewards from me. Thus, I will thank you for your contribution. You can see the rewards on the right side of this page.

About the project

The extension can be used for generating, selling, buying, exchanging and managing virtual currencies. It would be easy for integration with other Joomla! extensions.

The users will have virtual bank accounts.

They will be able to transfer the virtual currency to other sites. For this purpose, owners of sites have to specify their partners and rates, which will be use for the currency transfer.

Who will benefit from virtual currency?

Everyone will be able to use this extension to add virtual currency on their sites. Let me give you an example.

Let we suppose that, you have a site for classifieds. You can generate "Coins", which would distribute upon registration of new users. Customers will pay with these "Coins" to use your paid services (paid advertisements). Additionally, you can sell "Coins" to users who have already spent previously taken, but want to take advantage of your services again.

You will be also able to implement the virtual currency for "dating sites", "premium content", "premium download", ...

I am planning to develop mobile application that will work with this extension.

It will also have software development kit (SDK) which will be used for easy integration with other Joomla! extensions.

Will be there a paid version?

The extension remains absolutely free. The code is open source and it was published on VirtualCurrency GitHub repository. Everyone will be able to download, change or improve.

The code is released under GPL license.

In the future, I will develop paid extensions that will be used in integration of Virtual Currency with other commercial Joomla extensions. This is necessary, in case I fail to get a free version and have to pay for extension.

Will I provide support?

I will provide free and premium support for Virtual Currency, and my other extensions.

When will it be completed?

The extension is half done. I can publish a stable version by the end of May. You can find the code on the Virtual Currency GitHub repository.

What are the ways to support this project?

You can support this project in several ways. Here are they:

You can invest a certain amount in the project. In return, you will receive one of the rewards shown on the right side of this page.

In addition, you will get "shares" for your investment. If the product that I am planning to develop brings me income, I will redeem your shares, and you will get your money back.

You can share the project with your friends and acquaintances. Make sure that the majority of stakeholders will learn about Virtual Currency. I will be happy if any of them liked it and wanted to invest in it.

You can use sharing buttons which are on the top of this page.

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