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Joomla Funding

Joomla Funding

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My story and my plans

My name is Todor and I am founder of JoomlaFunding.com.

I started developing Joomla extensions seven years ago. This has become my passion and I want through my applications to transform Joomla! in one magic platform that will be useful for millions of people worldwide.

Over the years, I proved that I can create interesting, safe and good extensions.

I am planning to develop a number of applications that will transform Joomla! in one of the most valuable CMS platforms in the world, but I need your help.

I want to develop a lot of applications, but sometimes the desire is not enough. I need time to create them and money to provide their normal operation. At the moment, I have enough time, but I need money to cover some costs.

Maybe there are other people like me who fall into this situation.

So I did this platform. I want this to become a source of funds, ideas, and opportunities. I hope that we together will help many people to realize their ideas.

One of my favorite quotes is "Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours." ~ Les Brown ~

Joomla means "all together". I will be happy if we together manage to help more people to make their dreams come true.

You are the people which will help me to do that. You are the people who will help me to make my dreams come true

What I need and what you will get?

I need 5,000, which I will use to cover some costs in creating and maintaining the site. I will use the amount to purchase hosting, SSL certificates …

I will sign up for some business services such as "PayPal Adaptive Payments" or "Amazon Payment". This will reduce fees for transfers of amounts and more money will go to the authors of the projects. In addition, I will provide a wide range of payment systems.

I need money to hire a designer who will help me with the design and consultants which will help me in company administration.

During JoomlaFunding development, I did several extensions that work together:

CrowdFunding - I use this to provide functions of the crowdfunding site. You can use it to create your "collective fundrasing website".

Gamification Platform - I use this extension to gamify the website.

SocialCommunity - it adds on the site social features and turns it into a social network.

All application designed for needs of Joomla Funding are published on ITPrism GitHub repository. You can download them and use for free.

Additionally, you will receive several rewards from me. This is another way to thank you for your contribution. You can see them on the right side of this page.

The project

JoomlaFunding is crowdfunding platform for Joomla! extensions. The purpose of the platform is to provide a quick and easy way to fund projects.

If you are a designer, developer or entrepreneur who has an idea and wants to realize it using Joomla, you can publish your idea here. By JoomlaFunding the idea will reach a large number of fans. These fans could help for its realization.

One of the conditions for publishing a project in the site will be, after the realization of the idea, it must be posted on the Internet for free use by all.

Investors will be able to write reviews about project owners in which they have been invested. Thanks to the feedbacks, people will learn more about the authors of the projects. The backers will be informed whether they fulfill the promises they have given.

The platform has a social element that facilitates rapid dissemination of ideas.

Furthermore, the platform is gamified which will increase user engagement and will increase the number of successfully funded projects.

You will get badges and ranks for reaching a certain level of investment. You also earn points and increase your investor level.

One of the coolest things is the "virtual shares" that each investor receives when supporting a project. These shares may be purchased over time by the authors of the project and the investor will get his money back.

Will the website be paid?

The platform will be absolutely free. The code of extensions that are used for the realization of JoomlaFunding is published on ITPrism GitHub repository. Anyone will be able to download, change and improve the code.

The code is released under the GPL license.

In the future, I will develop paid services that will help me to cover expenses of the site.

Will I provide support?

I will provide free and premium support for all extensions developed by me.

When will it be completed?

The site is ready and you are using it at the moment. However, I am planning to develop more cool stuffs. It can be completely finished by the end of May. You can find the code on the CrowdFunding GitHub repository.

What are the ways to support the project?

You can invest in this project a desired amount. In return, you will receive one of the rewards shown on the right side of this page.

In addition, you will receive "shares" for your investment. When I have a chance to cover the cost of the website, I will buy back the shares from you. So you will get back the amount you have invested.

Additionally, you can contribute to the project as you share it with some of your friends and acquaintances. I would be very happy if more people learn about it, liked it and wanted to invest in it.

You can share this project using the buttons placed on the top of this page.

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About us

JoomlaFunding is a platform for collective fundraising, which is used as a help for realization creative Joomla! projects.

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