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Social Community

Social Community

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About me and my plans

My name is Todor Iliev and I am founder of ITPrism .

My passion is developing applications for Joomla. I am doing this for 7 years now.

I want to transformed Joomla! in one magical and useful platform for many people.

Over the years, I developed very interesting and quality extensions. I am planning to do a number of applications that will transform Joomla in one of the most valuable CMS platforms in the world.

But I need your help.

You will be the people who will help me that to happen. With your help, I will make my dreams come true. I will make Joomla! a better platform for content distribution. It will become an indispensable tool for business, e-commerce, marketing, social networking, …

What I need and what you will get?

I need 1,000, that I will use to cover some expenses during Social Community development. The amount that you will provide me will be used to pay for hosting, SSL certificates and other expenses. I will hire a designer who will help me with the user interface.

The platform will be open source and will remain free. Everyone will have chance to take advantage of it. Furthermore, you will get free designs and resources for which I will pay.

Besides the platform for building social networks, you will receive several rewards from me. Thus, I will thank you for your contribution. You can see them on the right side of this page.

About the project

SocialCommunity will provide functionality by which website owners can add social features on their sites. It will be easy for integration with other Joomla extensions. It will make websites more social and interesting for their customers.

I am planning to develop applications that will work with the Social Community - galleries, chat, music and video,... Moreover, they will be able to work independently.

Furthermore, I will integrate the platform with a number of popular Joomla! Extensions - forums, shops, galleries, …

I am going to develop API (Application programming interface), which developers will use to do social applications. Also, it will help them to integrate their applications with Social Community quickly and easily.

Will be there a paid version?

The extensions will be absolutely free. The code is published on Social Community GitHub repository and everyone can download or change it.

The code will be released under the GPL license.

In the future, I will develop paid extensions that will help me to integrate the platform with other commercial Joomla! extensions. It would be necessary if you do not succeed in acquiring a free version and have to pay for extension.

Will I provide support for this extension?

I will provide free and premium support for all extensions that I have developed and which I plan to do in the near a future.

When will it be completed?

This extension will be developed for a long time, but the main features will be completed by the end of June. You can find the code on the Social Community GitHub repository.

How can you contribute for the project?

Investing an amount

Invest in the project a specific amount and in return, you will receive one of the rewards shown on the right side of this page.

In addition, you will receive "shares" for your investment. If the product that I plan to develop brings me income, I will redeem your shares and you will get your money back.

Share your project with your friends and family

Make sure most of your friends and stakeholders to learn about Social Community. I will be happy if any of them liked it and wanted to invest in it. You can use the buttons for sharing, which are at the top.

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