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Gamification Platform

Gamification Platform

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About me and my plans

My name is Todor and I am founder of ITPrism.

I was fascinated by Joomla 7 years ago. Since then the creation of extensions for that CMS is my passion. I would like, with my extensions,  to transform Joomla! in a magic platform that will be useful for millions of people worldwide.

Over the years, I proved that I can create interesting, safe and useful extensions. I am planning to develop a number of applications that will transform Joomla! in one of the most valuable CMS platforms around the world, but I need your help.

You are the people who will help me to do that. You are the people who will help me to make my dreams come true. With your help, I will make Joomla! a better platform for content distribution, business, e-commerce, marketing, social networking, …

What I need and what you will get?

I need a small amount (€1,000), which I will use to cover some costs during project development stage.

The platform will be open source and will remain free. Everyone will have the opportunity to take advantage of it. Also, you will get all icons, badges, trophies, which I will provide for free.

Besides the gamification platform, you will receive several rewards from me. This is a little chance to thank you for your support. You can see them on the right side of this page.

The project

The gamification platform provides an easy way to gamify a large part of Joomla! extensions you use. You will be able to create a point system, badges, ranks and challenges for your users.

Here are a few examples of how you can use the platform:

marketing tool - you can give points when your customers share your products with their friends. When they collect a certain number of points, you will allow them to replace them for your service or product.

increasing sales - can distribute badges to your customers. When they reached the definite amounts spent, they will receive badges that they will be proud of.

engaging your customers - you may qualify your customers on a leaderboard by a number of points or collected amounts spent. They will spend more money to move up higher in the hierarchy of the leaderboard.

Who will get benefits from the gamification platform?

Anyone who owns Joomla! site will be able to use the platform.

I plan to gamify many of the most popular extensions available on J!ED.

If you have VirtueMart, JoomShopping or HikaShop, you will be able to use the platform to increase your sales.

If you have Kunena Forum or other similar extensions, you will be able to increase the engagement of user. You can also use the platform to increase activity on your forum.

If you write blog posts and want to reach more people, you can gamify your blog. This will increase the engagement of your readers. They will share your articles, will leave more comments and your traffic will jump to the sky.

If you want your users to complete their profiles, you can motivate them by using game mechanics (statusbar, badges, points, ...)

If you are a developer and want to gamify your extensions, you can take advantage of the Gamification API. That is application programming interface, which you can use to gamify Joomla quickly and easily.

Will I develop a paid version?

The platform will be completely free. The code will be posted on ITPrism GitHub repository. Everyone will be able to download, change and improve.

The code will be released under the GPL license.

In the future, I will develop paid extensions that will gamify commercial Joomla! application. This will be necessary if I pay for some of them.

Will I provide a support?

I will provide free and premium support. I am planning to focus on Joomla gamifying and I will provide support for all extensions for a very long time.

When will it be completed?

A lot of this is ready. I can publish a stable version by the end of May. You can find the code on the Gamification Platform GitHub repository.

Which are the ways you can contribute to the project?

You can invest in this project amount you want. In return, you will receive one of the rewards shown on the right side of this page. In addition, you will receive "shares" for your investment. If the product that I am planning to develop brings me income, I will redeem your shares and you will get your money back.

Also, you can support the project and share it with many of your friends and acquaintances. I will be happy if any of them liked it and wanted to invest in it. You can use the buttons for sharing, who are on the top of the page.

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