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She’s chubby…. chubby to a point where you can compare her to perhaps an American Mac truck. Your chance of seeing a brilliant chubby young lady in Japan (apart from sumo wrestlers) is in fact very low, even in Japanese AV. Starring chubby Myu Minazuki.

SOMEONE IN PARTICULAR (Xander Corvus) has been thrown in to the dungeon in King’s Cliff. With the Dead Walkers producing a march towards King’s Cliff, John desperately really wants to forge an alliance to defeat this impending evil. Within the dungeon, John discovers an ally for his reason: the vixen witch Crimson Strumpet (Romi Rainfall), who says he must fulfill his destiny-primary, fucking her in the ass to make a powerful sex magic.

This weeks update comes to us from a cut couple. The chick is going for a nice little nap when her person comes around and wakes her up. She’s never to happy about any of it but before she is aware of what’s what she’s on her knees blowing his cock. Then he pounds her tight pussy till she screams. He follows it up with a massive load right in the kisser.

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